Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So, KSU Financial Aid - in all of it's glory - has messed up again. They pulled my financing for Belize and don't meet again to resolve the issue until June 7th. I leave June we see the issue here? I mean really now, come on - They gave me 10 days notice. That's right. 10 mother-lovin' days. "Oh yes, we'll fund you after the 7th." - not helpful guys.

But! Isn't it great to have loving family? Looks like they're going to help me out and let me pay them back with the funding.

Throwing up still seems like a good option but less panicky.


  1. That's awesome Kady. :D

    Man- you are particularly lucky to have a family that would support you like that. I hope you have fun, and also I hope that the malaria shots aren't treating you too badly.

    Keep updating about your trip!!

    <3 jensen

  2. And by shots I meant pills ;[